Essential Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Water

Essential Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Water

Essential Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Water

If you love taking your canine companion with you to the lake or ocean, it’s important that you follow some essential tips when it comes to safety on the water. Boats and bodies of water can be dangerous for both humans and dogs if proper precautions aren’t taken before heading out onto them. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide on how to ensure your dog is safe each time you take him out for a day at sea (or shore!)

Make sure your dog is comfortable with the water before taking him out

Before taking your pup out on the water, be sure to familiarize them with it. Start by introducing your dog to safe bodies of water and inviting them in bit by bit. Let them take their time getting comfortable and don’t rush them. Assure that they have plenty of opportunities to piddle in the shallows so they can feel more confident around the water. Teach your pup to get in and out of boats steadily, or even swim alongside them so they are comfortable once you hit open waters. With these tips, you know that you’ll keep your pup (and yourself!) safe and happy on any aquatic adventurers!

Invest in a life jacket and ensure it fits your dog snugly

A life jacket is a must-have investment if you want to keep your pup safe while on the water. A properly fitted life jacket should fit snugly but not be overly tight, allowing your dog to move freely yet remain securely afloat in the event of an unexpected dip in the water. Taking time to properly fit your dog for a jacket at the store will ensure you have the right size and give you peace of mind when out on the boat together. With all these tips for keeping your canine buddy safe, it's time to get out there and make memories with some wonderful adventures!

Get familiar with the area you’re going to be boating in; research potential hazards and plan an alternate route if necessary

Before taking your four-legged friend out on the water, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and familiarize yourself with the area you will be visiting. Researching any hazards that may be present can help keep your pup safe. Boats and bodies of water differ in size and shape, so it is wise to carefully plan a route of travel according to conditions. If necessary, prepare an alternate route before embarking, so you are always prepared should unforseen obstacles arise. Being knowledgeable of your surroundings is essential for protecting your canine buddy and ensuring a successful outing.

Bring along plenty of fresh water, pet-friendly snacks and some toys to keep your pup entertained

Taking your dog along while you enjoy the water is a great way to spend time together and create lasting memories. It's equally important, however, that you keep your pup safe and comfortable during the adventure. To make sure that Fido stays happy and healthy on the boat, don't forget to bring plenty of fresh water, pet-friendly snacks, and some toys! Providing clean water for hydration is essential for your pup's wellbeing – whether you're exploring lakes or sailing the open seas. Pack some yummy treats as well; not only are they a great reward for good behavior but they make excellent distractions when an exciting new smell catches Fido's attention. Lastly, pack some fun toys so your dog has something fun to do while you take in the sights around them! With these essentials in tow, safety no longer needs to be a worry when taking your furry friend out sailing.

Don’t leave your pup unsupervised around the water, even if they are a strong swimmer

Taking your pup out on the water can be a ton of fun - and a great way to both bond with your dog and get some exercise together! However, it’s important to remember that no matter how strong a swimmer your pup is, it’s essential to never leave them unsupervised around any kind of body of water. Water hazards can arise quickly, and you want to be there if an emergency situation arises - such as if a boat disrupts the waters or if they run into anything unexpected. Be sure to keep your pup safe and secure while still having lots of fun outdoors!

Be aware of changing tides and always keep an eye on the shore

When out on the water with your dog, staying aware of changing tides is essential for keeping your dog safe. The ocean can change quickly, and a drastic shift in water level can be disorienting for both dogs and their owners alike. Always keep an eye on the shore for any changes that could impact the safety of you and your pup! It's also important to stay mindful of water conditions; if it looks especially rough out at sea, stick closer to shore or take a break from boating altogether. With some smart planning ahead of time, you and your canine buddy will have a safe and enjoyable adventure on the open waters!


Taking your pup out on the water can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With proper preparation and some common-sense safety tips, you can ensure that your best friend will have a safe and enjoyable time. Make sure your dog is comfortable around boats, invest in an appropriately sized life vest and take other necessary precautions before heading out on the water. Research the area you are going to boat in beforehand to determine any potential hazards and plan an alternate route if necessary. Don’t forget to bring along waterproof toys, plenty of snacks, and fresh drinking water for your furry companion. Most importantly, make sure not to leave your pup unsupervised around water at any time, even if they are a strong swimmer – quickly changing tides can catch even the most seasoned swimmers off guard! With these essential tips from us here at MPS Parts, you and your dog can have peace of mind as you set sail for adventure.